Recreating A Pair: Replacing A Broken Garden Statue

If you have a pair of garden statues in your garden or in your front lawn, you might wonder how you can replace one if it breaks. If you have had the set for years, it might not be as simple as going to the store and purchasing a new one. However, you can make an identical one to complete the look and within a couple of days, you won't even know that one broke. [Read More]

Stained Concrete Flooring – Your Questions Answered

Are you looking for an affordable and durable flooring option for your home? If so, maybe it is time for you to consider stained concrete flooring. Here, you will find the answers to many of the questions you may have about stained concrete flooring: How much does stained concrete flooring cost? The cost of the project from start to finish varies greatly depending on the existing flooring in the home and the options that you choose. [Read More]