What Equipment Do I Need To Cut Through Concrete?

Concrete cutting is often necessary when the concrete is not formed properly in the first place. While concrete cutting is not ideal, if the concrete was not formed correctly in the first place, it will be necessary to purchase the right tools so you can cut through concrete on your own.

The Concrete

Determine the type of cutting you will be doing and on what scale it will be. If you will be engaging in shallow cutting on a smaller scale, you will need both an angle grinder and a sintered diamond blade. However, if you need to cut more deeply, you will need a wet concrete saw.

Shallow Cutting

The sintered diamond blade should be mounted on a grinder. Cutting through concrete can be expensive and you will need to decide whether you will select the cheaper segmented blades, which increase the chances that your concrete will chip unintentionally, or the turbo wave diamond blades. Perform one cutting pass to ¼ of an inch. If the blade responds well to the cutting pass, continue to cut in increments of ¼ until you reach the desired depth.

Deep Cutting

When cutting deep with a wet concrete saw, you will need to use a laser welded diamond blade that is at least 12 inches in size. There are different types of diamond blades to choose from and you will need to select one based on the type of saw you will use. Concrete cutting saws use blades with different diameters. Also, the more horsepower that the saw uses, the more diamond that will need to be contained in the blades. The more diamond, the more expensive it will be to cut through the concrete.

Dust Removal

You will also need to determine how to remove concrete dust from your blade and how to keep the blade cool, which will prolong its life. Water-cooled concrete blades are the best, but they can be problematic if the water comes into contact with anything electrical. If you cannot use a water-cooled blade, an air-cooled blade is the next best option. Also, you may not have access to a water source.


If you do not have the right tools to cut concrete, one approach is to simply subcontract your concrete cutting to another company, such as Accurate Concrete Cutting. That way, not only will you avoid the hassle of needing to purchase the necessary equipment, but you won't have to worry about making a mistake either.