Recreating A Pair: Replacing A Broken Garden Statue

If you have a pair of garden statues in your garden or in your front lawn, you might wonder how you can replace one if it breaks. If you have had the set for years, it might not be as simple as going to the store and purchasing a new one. However, you can make an identical one to complete the look and within a couple of days, you won't even know that one broke. This guide provides the steps needed to make your own cement statue.  

Step 1: Procure Your Supplies

Before beginning the project of making the statue, you'll need to grab several supplies. The list of things to procure includes:

  • two paintbrushes
  • shellac
  • liquid rubber
  • soft hairbrush
  • cement
  • plaster
  • bungee straps
  • utility knife
  • mold release medium
  • two five-gallon buckets

Step 2: Cover Existing Statue With Shellac

Pick up the unbroken statue and place it in a well-ventilated area. Use one of the paintbrushes to apply a layer of shellac on the statue. Give the shellac a couple hours to dry.

Step 3: Apply Mold Release Medium

Spray the mold release medium over the shellac lightly and brush it gently with the soft hairbrush.

Step 4: Cover Existing Statue With Liquid Rubber

Use the other paintbrush to cover the shellac and mold release medium with several layers of liquid rubber. Let this sit overnight to harden, before moving on to the next steps.

Step 5: Apply Plaster to Existing Statue

Follow the directions on the plaster package to mix it up in the five-gallon bucket. Then apply it to the statue over the rubber. Wait until the plaster hardens before moving on to the next step. This might take a few hours.

Step 6: Remove Plaster

Cut the plaster with the utility knife in even sections. Then, pull the rubber mold off the existing statue.

Step 7: Pour in Concrete

Mix the concrete according to the directions in another bucket. Wrap the plaster around the rubber mold sections, pour the cement in each section and put them back together. Attach the bungee straps to hold it all together.

Leave the concrete to dry overnight, and then remove the plaster. Use the utility knife to cut off the rubber mold. Wait a few days for the cement to cure before moving the new statue to its designated location.

If the existing statue is a little scratched up, grab a piece of sand paper and then rub down the new statue to create the same worn look. Contact your concrete contractor if you have any issue with these steps. (For more information, contact Fleshcon / Clearview Concrete)